Angular - NaNbut they point to different modules

How to fix Angular NaNbut they point to different modules

TD;LR Navigate back one level when you LoadChildren Detail reading I had two submodules with the same path ./app/apps.module#AppsModule in two different modules. |- Storage | |- storage.module.ts | |- apps | |- apps.module.ts |- Cuckoo | |- cuckoo.module.ts | |- apps | |- apps.module.ts In cuckoo.module.ts & storage.module.ts I had the following routes const routes: Routes = [ { path: 'apps', loadChildren: "./apps/apps.module#AppsModule" }, ]; Due to a known issue in angular angular/angular-cli#10128, I couldn’t get this dynamically loaded using LoadChildren. [Read More]

Enable Deep Sleep in ESP-01

How to hack ESP-01 module to enable deep sleep

TD;LR Connect XPD_DCDC to RESET. Detail reading ESP-01 and ESP0-01s are both miniature and cheap IOT modules which has a full TCP layer powered by ESP8266 chip with inbuilt Wifi. Without a doubt this chip consumes alot of power. Unless you got plenty of spare batteries to change at least twice a day, with this chip it’s nearlly impossible to make a module which can be powered by batteries. [Read More]